JC Tuition Singapore

By SGEducators

An educational journey for future-ready students.

JC Tuition Singapore

By SGEducators

An educational journey for future-ready students.

Fulfilling the academic aspirations of students

at JC Tuition Singapore

JC Tuition Singapore is an online education portal that was established by passionate tutors who conceived the idea of creating a centralized platform for all parents and students to access useful information on education at the A (Advanced) Level. Given the existence of disparate and individualized websites that offer JC tuition programmes, it can be cumbersome for some to seek answers to their queries regarding education. Furthermore, the adjustments made to the A Level Syllabus from 2016 onwards were difficult for some parents to stay updated on. Therefore, this portal was set up to address such concerns, including the main goal of students that desire to achieve excellent grades at the A Level examinations.

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Tuition Programmes

Enrol in exam-oriented JC tuition programmes

There are many interesting features that JC Tuition Singapore has to offer. One such distinctive feature is the availability of JC tuition programmes offered by diverse tuition centres listed in this portal. Every tuition centre has their own unique teaching strengths that students can harness and overcome their study obstacles. We provide tuition programmes for different subjects, covering General Paper, sciences like JC Physics and JC Chemistry, as well as humanities like JC History and Chinese Studies in English (CSE). With all the relevant and useful information structured in an organized way, parents and students engage these tuition centres and can find their answers at JC Tuition Singapore with much ease.

JC Tuition Singapore - SGEducators - General Paper Tuition Icon

As most students are expected to study A Level General Paper (8807), we offer GP tuition classes for students who require further assistance in their revision. During the GP tuition classes, students will improve their GP essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques. The refinement of writing abilities is conducted during the intensive revision phase. Also, students will receive close guidance and monitoring from experienced GP tutors that are resolute in making sure that every student can overcome their study-related challenges.

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JC Tuition Singapore - SGEducators - Economics Tuition Icon

Students who enroll in our economics tuition classes will master the key fundamental concepts of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. At the A Level, students can either study H2 Economics (9757) or H1 Economics (8819). The tuition programme planned by experienced JC economics tutors, who have tapped on their vast teaching experience to pick out the key areas of focus to streamline the revision process. Students will get a good grasp of their economics essay writing skills and case study answering techniques. The inclusion of real world examples and case studies enables the students to comprehend the relevance of economic concepts to the questions tested typically at the examination. Hence, the comprehensive teaching curriculum will pave the way for success at the A Level Economics examination.

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JC Tuition Singapore - SGEducators - Mathematics Tuition Icon

Students who advance to the pre-tertiary level will be introduced to mathematical concepts that are split into the Pure Mathematics and Probability & Statistics components. Students can either take the H2 Mathematics (9758) or H1 Mathematics (8865) at the A Level. The knowledge is built based on the pre-existing knowledge that students have accumulated from the O (Ordinary) Level Mathematics. During the JC maths tuition classes, students will go through topical-based teaching of content to build up a strong foundation on the concepts, such as functions and graphs, sequences and series and calculus. The math tutors will conduct class practices that are useful in assessing the competency level of students, in terms of completing the questions in a limited timespan and with precision.

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JC Tuition Singapore - SGEducators - Physics Tuition Icon

Students taking either H1 Physics (8866) or H2 Physics (9749) can join our JC physics tuition programme at JC Tuition Singapore to expand their knowledge and skillsets that will become necessary for further studies on the relevant fields. The tutors utilize their knowledge and experience to impart the essential skills of inquiry and analysis to students, so that they can become scientifically literate citizens of the 21st Century. During the JC physics classes, students will acquire exam-smart techniques to score at the various papers, such as the Multiple Choice and Structured Questions components. Through an exam-oriented teaching approach, students will develop exam confidence to tackle the challenges and excel at the A Level Physics examination.

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JC Tuition Singapore - SGEducators - Chemistry Tuition Icon

One of the major science-related subject that many students would study at the A Level is Chemistry, in which students can select either H1 Chemistry (8872) or H2 Chemistry (9729) and join our JC Chemistry tuition programmes. The tutors will teach students the skills of processing, applying and evaluating information related to the field of Chemistry. For example, they will learn how to construct arguments to support their hypothesis. During the revision phase, students will undergo rigorous class practice to build familiarity to a wide variety of question types for the Multiple Choice, Structured Questions and Free Response Questions papers.

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JC Tuition Singapore - SGEducators - History Tuition Icon

In view of the changes to the A Level History syllabus for both H1 History (8814) and H2 History (9752) students, our JC History tuition programme has been updated to meet the latest requirements. In particular, students will get a good grasp of the themes relating to the Cold War in the International History paper and Regional Conflicts and Cooperation in the Southeast Asian History paper. The tutors will impart effective essay writing skills and case study answering techniques, so that students can achieve excellent grades during the examination.

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JC Tuition Singapore - SGEducators - China Studies in English Tuition Icon

Students taking China Studies in English can either take the H1 (8628) or H2 (9628) variant subjects to complete their pre-tertiary level education. During the China Studies in English tuition programme, students are taught the transformation of China from 1978 to the present period. Students will learn how to complete the Case Study and Essay Questions components through class practices, while under the supervision and guidance of the dedicated tutors.

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GCE A Level Syllabus 2018

Be informed on the latest developments in the A Level Syllabus

Given the recent updates to the A Level syllabus in 2016, some parents and students may not be aware of the significant adjustments to the areas of focus in the teaching curriculum and examination format. By reading through the organized content listed in our JC Tuition Singapore portal, students will develop a better understanding of what to expect during lessons and the examinations, so that they have a clear sight of their goals and how to achieve them effectively.

Top JC Tuition Centres in Singapore

Enrol in the featured JC tuition centres to maximise your learning potential

JC Tuition Singapore features renowned tuition centres that offer JC tuition programmes that will broaden the knowledge and skillsets of students, while under the guidance of passionate JC tutors. The tutors are focused on ensuring that students receive quality education. Also, they will engage students to think critically and independently, so that they acquire the relevant skills to handle the challenges in the related fields.

Comprehensive E learning Portals

Gain access to the largest integrated learning network in Singapore

JC Tuition Singapore is one of the supporting pillars of the SGEducators Learning Network, which is a pioneering education hub that connects educational portals in Singapore. Within the interconnected network, these portals are useful for both parents and students as they can obtain information about primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes available for enrolment. Furthermore, education-related news and tips are published in the portals, which will be helpful for parents to make informed decisions, such as tertiary education subject planning and future studies or career prospects.

Education News

Be updated with our latest education news

It is always encouraged to access a wide range of information sources to be well-read on the latest developments in the education sector. As such, JC Tuition Singapore features an Education News column that is managed by prolific writers and tutors, who will cover the critical issues pertaining to academic matters. Parents can learn more about the challenges that JC students encounter in their journey, such as the stress factors. Students can also benefit from the column as they can pick up useful tips, such as effective time management skills. Besides, fun-filled school-related activities are also mentioned in the Education News that will enrich the learning experiences of students.

Career & Academic Guidance

Hear from the experts, receive career & academic guidance to university and beyond

Students at the pre-tertiary level, particularly those who are about the complete their second year of studies, may bear concerns relating  to future career prospects and tertiary-level academic matters. Tutors at JC Tuition Singapore provide guidance to address these concerns as they understand it can be an uncertain and challenging transitional period for students. They can read the tips on how to plan their post-JC educational journey, such as the key pointers when selecting a university course. We also feature past experiences shared by our former students who went through the university phase of life and their personal take on how to cope with the challenges.

Sign up for our Student Internship Programme

Students who are keen to seek out new experience in preparing for the future working world can join our Student Internship Programme, which is led by educators experienced professionals in various fields. According to the feedback from employers of different industries, they expect the future backbone of the workforce to possess critical skills that enable effective collaboration, communication and problem solving. As such, our Internship Programme will introduce students to real world challenges in manageable ways. They will work in teams, each led by a dedicated mentor, and devise ways to surmount the obstacles presented to them. Those who invest their time wisely now will reap the gains in the near future.

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