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Join our JC1 8-lessons JC History Tuition Workshop, featuring 3 content revision, 3 tutorials and 2 FREE skills development classes to get ready for the 2019 GCE A Level History examination. Following the Promotional examination, we prepare for the Year 2 challenges, covering topics like the United Nations, Global Economy, Inter-state Tensions and ASEAN.

We have condensed the key areas of learning for you to focus your attention on the content revision and skills development. During these classes, we teach you how to analyse unseen source-based case study questions, such as the visual texts and written excerpts from speeches. Also, we guide you through the process of de-constructing the essay questions and expanding the areas of discussion to value-add your essay writing skills.

Get useful study tips and online learning resources from our JC History Tuition platform, which covers many fascinating topics, like the Emergence of Bipolarity after WWII, A World Divided by the Cold War [Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War] and End of Bipolarity. In addition, our online notes also feature the topic of Understanding the Global Economy [Reasons for the growth of the global economy and problems of global economy]. By understanding these topics in a more in-depth way, you can apply your knowledge to the comprehension and analysis of source based case study questions, thus bringing yourself one step CLOSER to the attainment of A at the A Level History examinations.

JC History Tuition Programme

Learn to write succinctly and cohesively in our History Programme!

Ace your A Level History Examinations with our JC History Tuition classes.
Our exam-oriented programme are open to both JC1 and JC2 students, who can study either H1 or H2 History.
These classes feature concise revision notes that are organized by topics, issue-based discussion to facilitate content knowledge enrichment, as well as class practices to refine your History essay writing and SBQ answering skills. Be inspired by our passionate JC History Tutors, who will shape you to think analytically, write proficiently and discuss logically. We offer JC History Tuition classes at our Bishan,
Bedok and Tampines tuition centres.

Benefits & Features of our History Tuition

How students can benefit from our structured history programme?

Attending our structured programme will be beneficial for students attending it. They will be taught and mentored by experienced tutors who will be able to identify trends and challenges. These tutors will then formulate time-tested effective solutions for students to help them overcome such challenges and excel in the examinations. Tutors will also arrange class activities that are structured around the demands of examinations whilst ensuring that students do not get bored out by massive amounts of content. Finally, the programme will also ensure that students will learn important and useful skills to build onto their knowledge, so as to score well in the examinations.

Acquire time management skills

The A level history examinations is pretty much a practice in time and stress management skills. Writing multiple essays within a short 3 hour timeframe requires skills, practice and guidance. Our history tutors will ensure that students will be provided with enough guidance and direction to ensure that they can perform within the fixed time constraints set by the requirements of the examinations.

Develop effective writing techniques

Students attending the programme will learn to develop important soft skills like the ability to form cogent and cohesive arguments. Naturally, this has to be effectively translated onto the piece of paper- where students will learn to craft and understand argument-building so as to excel in the A level examinations. In addition, the soft skills accrued while attending the programme need not be confined in the classrooms or the examination halls. The ability to present and to convince others with a cohesive argument will stick with the student throughout his life, as he/she navigates through business proposals, marketing or other life endeavours.

Learn to appreciate the study of History

Finally, the programme seeks to develop and nurture students’ passion in critical thinking and understanding. Beyond the nexus of content (which is important for scoring), students will also learn to appreciate the value of questioning seemingly entrenched ideas, values and truths. This will allow students to develop a greater appreciation and insight into how the politics of important men, cities and countries worked. Its crucially important for parents and students alike to understand that our world today is increasingly moving away from the domains of maths and science – having a good grasp of the arts and humanities will put the student in good stead.

Key Features of our History Tuition Programme

Key features of our structured History tuition programme

There are distinctive and special features of the programmes that will enable students to excel in the examinations as well as to develop a greater appreciation of humanities and the arts as a whole.

Concise study notes

Students will receive concise yet detailed study notes arranged in a thematic-based fashion to allow students to accrue content without being overwhelmed. By using the notes, students can achieve better understanding, explanation and evaluation of key terms and ideas that are important to the examinations. Also, the notes allow the student to better appreciate history as a whole.

Exam-oriented class practice sessions

We will be conducting history classes which are geared towards the end goal of excellence in the examinations. Experienced tutors will conduct timed practices for students so as to better prepare them for the examinations. Shorter timed practices will be used early on during the year to allow students to ease into the frenetic pace of the A level History examinations. Also, the JC history tuition programme adopts a surgical-precision based approach, where tutors will engage the students to understand their weak points and work with them accordingly.

Wide-ranging class activities

Our programme believes in preparing the students for both the examinations as well as the meandering courses of life. To this end, our programme also utilizes unconventional methods of teaching and learning to allow our students to appreciate history. Such unconventional methods can involve video materials or even selected field trips to allow students to appreciate that History is indeed not dead or confined to dusty closets but we are all living, breathing and experiencing History. As the mother of all disciplines, the learning of History is crucial that humans do not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Curating important case studies for students to study and appreciate, our centre believes in moving beyond the classroom and into the hearts of students.

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