JC Maths Tuition Program

Achieve Distinction with JC Maths Tuition

Many students will find JC math to be a big jump from secondary math. With increases in the amount of content, formulae and concepts, many JC students often struggle with the subject. Coupled with the rigor and pace of the JC math syllabus, it will be tough for students to develop a strong foundational understanding in the subject without proper guidance.

Understanding the obstacles and nature of difficulties that many students face, the programmes offered by JC Maths Tuition are designed to guide students through the difficult phase of transiting to JC, as well as to keep them ahead in their understanding the A-level Mathematics.

JC Maths Tuition Programme

Achieve Distinction with JC Maths Tuition

So you think you know maths? Many students are confident in their mathematical abilities especially after acing their O-level Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. However, little do they expect that the A Level Mathematics to be such a big jump from the demand from O Level Mathematics/Additional Mathematics. As students who managed to scraped by O Level Mathematics/Additional Mathematics with a good pass, it is common that they are struggling with the content in A Level Mathematics as well as the pace at which they are expected to learn.

Understanding the obstacles and nature of difficulties that many students face, the programmes offered by JC Maths Tuition are designed to guide students through the difficult phase of transiting to JC, as well as to keep them ahead in their understanding the A-level Mathematics.

Benefits & Features of our JC Maths Tuition

How students can benefit from JC Maths Tuition?

The A-Level Mathematics, to many students, may feel like a big jump from the O-level Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Mathematics at JC level demands greater analytical skills and problem-solving skills which can be tough for many students as they are used to learning several formulae and just using them to solve standard types of questions in the examinations. The programmes offered by JC Maths Tuition provide assistance to students of different range of abilities. Students who are weak with the mathematical concepts will be guided by our professional tutors to attain a basic understanding of the required knowledge. For those who are slightly ahead of the peers, our tutors are also able to provide questions to challenge them further.

Solid Understanding & Application of Concepts

The programmes offered by JC Maths Tuition are objective-driven and tailored in manners that help students discover their strengths and weaknesses in the area of mathematics. With the amount of preparations that students make while receiving assistance from our professional tutors, they will develop solid understanding to be able to masterfully apply the concepts they have learned through the course of the study.

Cultivate confidence and time management skills

It is true that much of the examination score is determined by the level of understanding and the application of knowledge. However, an often forgotten aspect, time management, can be a significant factor that attributes to a student’s success in an examination. The programmes offered by the JC Maths Tuition also place a strong emphasis in helping students develop good time management skills and to train the students to complete their examination within the stipulated time such that they have sufficient time to check their work thoroughly and minimise the number of careless mistakes.

Exam-Ready & Exam Smart

Through the analyses of past-year questions provided by our tutors who are experienced and familiar with the syllabus, students will be more able to understand the general patterns or questioning styles in the A-level examination. Similar to the famous chinese quote by Sun Tzu’s Art of War, 知己知彼,百战百胜, which translates to know yourself and know your enemy and you will achieve victory even for hundred of battles, our students that developed good self-awareness in their mathematical abilities coupled with good grasp of the content knowledge and A-level answering techniques are confident to tackle the A-level Mathematics without the unease they used to have.

Key Features of our Maths Tuition Programme

Why should you join our Maths Tuition Programmes?

At the JC level, major contents are often taught in a big lecture theatre setting due to economical constraint and also to get the students to adapt to the teaching approach by universities. Even though most subjects have allocated tutorial slots in which students can clear their doubts with their subject teachers, many students still face difficulties to consolidate their learning of the concepts to keep in pace with the rate at which the school is teaching.

Therefore, the programmes in JC Maths Tuition are often structured to keep the class-size manageable while meeting the students’ needs of having some one-to-one consultations during or after the lessons. There are many other teaching approaches and resources that are sourced by our professional tutors to aid students to be more time-effective in their revision. The following are some common features that many of the programmes offered by JC Maths Tuition adopt.

Interactive Lessons

The traditional top-down approach of teaching has been shunned by many educators as it only encourages students to be passive learners. The programmes from JC Maths Tuition adopt the modern pedagogical approach of getting the students actively engaged as they discuss solutions to problems with their peers or help one another to understand the problems. The active discussions approach is transferrable to imperative skills that students require at a higher learning institution or even workplace.

Receive Concise Notes & Revision Aids

Mathematics usually does not require very intricate note-writing. However, it is an advantage for students to have such revision aid while they are independently revising for their examinations. The learning aids are mainly to streamline the sheer amount of information and worked examples in students’ lecture notes such that they can just refer to the simple and summarised one-paged note without constantly flipping through the lecture notes. The summarised revision notes also keep the students confident that they remain familiar with the concepts without having to constantly worry that they missed out studying any concepts.

Intensive Exam-Oriented Practices

It is not unknown that acing mathematics require a great deal of practices. Our programmes emphasise on disciplined weekly practices by the students to make sure they maintain good pace with the contents taught by the schools. At the same time, students are also constantly exposed to the myriads of question types while the tutors guide them to build their divergence thinking by encourage students to come out with alternative solutions to the same set of problems.

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