JC Tuition Singapore

Achieve success for the A Level.

JC Tuition Singapore is a level-based tuition portal for students, parents and educators to collaborate and enrich the learning experience for A Level subjects. As one of the branches of the EduMarket, JC students can sign up for eLearning programmes to enhance their knowledge and answering skills.


Nurturing the next generation of learners.

In view of the recent trends in which students are increasingly accustomed to technology, our featured centres have incorporated eLearning to keep JC students engaged meaningfully.

Live-streamed Lessons

The online learning programmes are conducted through our very own real-time video discussion platform. Students can speak to the educators directly and post questions via the instant-messaging tool to clear their doubts.

Virtual Whiteboard

Pay attention to how the educator explains certain concepts or ideas by observing the sketches on the Virtual Whiteboard. Also, students can download these illustrations in their secure digital folder for future reference.

Accessible Digital Folder

We make online learning convenient and manageable by featuring a digital archive for students to keep their notes, practices and other materials in our secure platform. Students can retrieve their marked practices as well.


The biggest eLearning portal in Singapore

EduMarket is a central digital portal for all tuition centres in Singapore to feature their primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes. JC Tuition Singapore is one of the many supporting portals that lists such centres for students to sign up with.


Diverse tuition programmes to choose from

The EduMarket features numerous tuition classes that are offered by our exclusive centres to match your learning preferences. These programmes include A Level subjects like General Paper, Economics and JC Mathematics.

Useful eLearning features for effective revision

Discover how you can improve your study methods by trying out our online learning features, such as the real-time video discussion, Virtual Whiteboard and Digital Storage tools. Learn anytime and anywhere.


Regional Portals

Education portals in the heartlands.

In addition to the level-based portals like JC Tuition Singapore, we also have regional tuition portals for students, parents and educators. In this intricate network, students can search for tuition centres that offer various programmes.

Bishan Tuition Centres

Look for tuition centres in this Central region to sign up for your desired classes. These exclusive centres are found in areas like Thomson, Marymount, Sin Ming, Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon and Toa Payoh.

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres

Browse tuition centres located in the Southern part of Singapore to be prepared for your A Level examinations. These centres are in areas like Queenstown, Newton, Orchard, Pasir Panjang, Holland and Bukit Merah.

Tampines Tuition Centres

Find education centres situated in the Eastern part of Singapore to kick-start your learning productively. Our featured centres are found in locations like Pasir Ris, Hougang, Serangoon, Bedok, Punggol, Katong, East Coast and Macpherson.

Tuition Centres

Enroll in our listed tuition centres to start learning right.

JC Tuition Singapore features a list of tuition centres that conduct primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes for examination preparation. These centres are managed by experienced educators who have inspired numerous students to learn effectively.


Economics Tuition Online

Develop Economics acumen by attending the JC Economics Tuition Online programmes. These lessons include the review of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics concepts. Also, learn how to apply these concepts to industry-specific case study and essay questions.

GP Tuition Online

Become proficient writers by joining the GP Tuition Online programme. Engage in meaningful discussions as you explore intriguing topics like the consequences of environmental degradation. Improve your essay and comprehension writing skills by attempting class practices which are reviewed by the JC GP Tutor.



SGEducators nurtures primary, secondary and JC students to become adaptive and resilient writers through empowering tuition classes. Receive close guidance and feedback from educators who will review the students’ thinking and writing processes carefully during online practices.

Level-Specific Portals

An exam-driven learning network for students.

JC Tuition Singapore is one of the three level-specific tuition portals that features vital information about primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes. Students can browse the list of tuition centres that offer relevant programmes. Also, we have a dedicated blog column that features useful tips and op-eds that keep students and parents informed on the latest education matters.

Primary Tuition Singapore

Prepare your child for the rigours of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) by browsing this portal. It describes a list of tuition centres that conduct primary English, Math, Science and enrichment programmes for students.

Secondary Tuition Singapore

Get ready for the GCE O Level examinations. Secondary students can enroll in the available programmes to boost their knowledge, such as English, A and E Math, Chemistry, Physics and Economics Tuition.


Be informed. Be prepared.

Read our featured articles to find out what are the latest developments in the education scene of Singapore. Our articles are carefully curated and written by educators. These publications cover diverse matters, like tips on how to improve your English language skills as well as changes to the syllabus.