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Economics Tuition Online

Cultivate Critical Thinking Effectively

Economics Tuition Online offers JC Tuition classes to nurture students with rational thinking and analytical skills as they prepare for exams. Our programmes feature in-depth discussions of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics topics, aided by our web-based and app-based platforms. With our latest elearning integration, students will be able to learn and practise productively while they continue to develop competency for the A Level Economics case study and essay questions.

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What Do We Teach?

Learn Effectively And Productively

Our classes feature two distinctive online platforms - Economics Learning Lab and Economics Practice Lab. The Economics Learning Lab focuses on conceptual revision to firm up students’ understanding in the fundamentals of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. On the other hand, the Economics Practice Lab places emphasis on essential writing skills, essay question familiarity and case study exposure to improve students’ approach in conceptual application.

Economics Learning Lab

A New Way To Approach Economics

Economics Learning Lab presents different modes of learning for students, which improves the online learning experience. Students can study and revise topics through our Livestream Classes and Virtual Whiteboard. On the top of these, students can also manage their class assignments and homework in their personal MyWork Folder and scan essay answers through the Document Sharing feature.

Livestream Classes

Stay engaged in class with our own live-stream platform, supported by live chats, online worksheets and collaborative practices. Our coverage of topics and questions have expanded with the efficiency of online learning so that you can learn more than before.

Virtual Whiteboard

With economic diagrams a part and parcel of every economics essay or case study question, we have implemented our virtual whiteboard to allow students to learn and practise drawing these diagrams. These online diagrams can also be saved in your personal account for future references.

MyWork Folder

Access all your economics notes, essays, case study practices and diagrams in a single digital folder. You will be able to review your personal work with greater ease as the MyWork Folder automatically classifies your completed class assignments and homeworks.

Document Sharing

Submit your written assignments through our Document Sharing feature and receive marked work upon review from our tutors. This share functions collates your original and reviewed assignments together so that you can instantly compare and understand your mistakes.

Economics Practice Lab

Practice Made Perfect

Economics Practice Lab enables students to continue their routine of essay writing and CSQ practices in a web-based and app-based virtual classroom environment. Students will be able to practise questions more efficiently and retrieve answers instantly from our system. The ease of a review system allows students leverage on technology and increase their pace of learning.

Essay Writing Structure

Develop a strong foundation in your thinking maturity when you tackle cross-thematic questions that require a structured process of ideation. You will train these perspectives with our essay outline practice questions.

Complete Essay Structure

Access our curated database of essay questions as you seek to improve your writing techniques and consolidate your paragraph arrangements. Our online essay component will enable you to practise specific paragraph structures, such as introduction, conceptual elaboration and diagram illustration.

Economics Case Study Practices

Develop essential skills, such as trend analysis, factor identification and policy evaluation using our online CSQ framework. Our online archives of case studies covers a diverse number of industries and markets to expose you to every distinctive question type.

Study Economics Conveniently

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