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Educating inquisitive learners.

In view of the disruptive effects of the COVID-2019 pandemic, many physical classes were suspended to stem the spread. Even so, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge should never cease.

Therefore, online learning is the next critical step to surmount such unforeseen obstacles. Since many young students are increasingly accustomed to technology, we believe that eLearning is the ideal approach to pique their interests.

Why eLearning?

Benefits of online learning

We have three reasons to explain why eLearning is beneficial. Students can enjoy the comfort and convenience of learning at home. Also, there is an accessible virtual archive of practice questions to assess knowledge competency. Lastly, students can receive timely feedback from educators via online marking tools.


Learn conveniently.

One of the most recognised gains of eLearning is that students can start their lesson anywhere and anytime. Since travelling is thrown out of the equation, more time can be spent on thinking and answering questions.


Revise thoroughly.

Learning is complete only if there are practice questions for students to review their level of proficiency. As such, we have developed our very own question bank that contains numerous questions based on different subjects to prepare you well.


Review carefully.

Just like how a compass guides you, we make sure that you can consult our educators to clarify your doubts online. Marked practices are also stored in a secure and private folder for your subsequent reviews.

How It Works?

Follow these steps to get started!

Now that you have understood the advantages of online learning, we will demonstrate how our eLearning system is ideal for your revision. Our tools are not meant to impress you visually, but rather to produce the intended results.

Live-streaming for class discussion

Live-streaming for class discussion

Just like physical classes, we want to keep students engaged with the tutors during each lesson. Therefore, our eLearning features a real-time discussion platform where students can speak to tutors ‘live’ and post questions.

Live-streaming for class discussion

Virtual whiteboard for illustrative explanations

Similarly, we have a whiteboard to substitute the physical version. In addition to the illustrative feature, students can download any writings drawn by the tutors and refer to them in their private digital archive for revision.

Live-streaming for class discussion

Digital archive for material storage

Organise your learning materials in a secure and private digital folder. Students can keep their notes, marked practices and any other online materials. Treat the folder like your very own bookshelf for educational purposes.


The one-stop portal for students and educators in Singapore.

EduMarket is the largest learning portal that lists exclusive tuition centres that we have partnered with. In this portal, students and parents can browse primary, secondary, JC and enrichment programmes to sign up for online. JC Tuition Singapore is one of the featured learning portals that keep students and parents informed on the A Level-related matters.


Choose your preferred tuition programmes

Explore the online tuition programmes in this portal to get a head-start. The EduMarket is ideal for students of different age groups to enter and try the online classes. These programmes are conducted by passionate educators who have inspired numerous students to achieve academic excellence over the years.

Utilise eLearning to your advantage

These featured primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes in the EduMarket have included online learning in their curriculum. The purpose is to enrich the learning experience of students. Try out the real-time video discussion platform, Virtual Whiteboard and Digital Archive for material storage.