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Express Your Ideas Eloquently

GeneralPaper.com.sg is currently offering a new online programme as part of an EduTech initiative. This programme cultivates students’ critical thinking and expands on their general knowledge by covering a spectrum of topics and the latest current affairs. Our students have improved drastically under this new initiative through the integration of online learning tools. They are able to engage in discussions of comprehension and essay questions more effectively, and cover a wider range of themes such as Social media, Environment, Technology and Poverty.

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What Do We Teach?

Explore World Issues in a Different Light

GeneralPaper.com.sg has incorporated two distinctive online platforms - GP Learning Studio and GP Practice Lab. The GP Learning Studio provides a discussion platform for students to debate world issues and popular talking points which familiarises them with real-world examples. The GP Practice Lab offers students an alternative writing platform to experiment with different writing styles and cultivate efficient writing techniques, which are crucial in an exam context.

GP Learning Studio

An Efficient Way To Learn

GP Learning Studio is a learning-oriented platform that provides different modes of learning for students to diversify their learning objectives. Our platform comes in three distinct features: Livestream Classes; Virtual Whiteboard; MyWork Folder, which improves students’ learning experience and cultivates healthy studying habits.

Livestream Classes

Interact and discuss current affairs and social issues with our GP tutors via our Livestream Classes. Learn to engage your critical thinking skills while you explore how differing perspectives can counter or support each other in an essay.

Virtual Whiteboard

Elevate your class productivity and enliven class discussions with illustrations drawn on the virtual whiteboard. Students will be able to download and save mind maps and charts into their personal account for future revisions.

MyWork Folder

The MyWork Folder is your private folder where you can store your personal notes, essays, comprehensions and visual diagrams. Your materials are automatically organised in the MyWork Folder, which improves your revision progress.

Document Sharing

With the Document Sharing feature, your written class assignments and homework can be reviewed quickly by our GP tutors and returned back to you as soon as possible. As such, students can reduce transfer waiting time and focus on the review process.

GP Practice Lab

Practise Productively

The GP Practice Lab is a virtual classroom, backed by an array of practice tools, that optimises students’ revision experience with online essay components and online comprehension structures. Guided by the online system, students will be trained to think systematically and write efficiently in an exam environment.

Essay Writing Structure

Tackle essay question requirements with greater clarity by engaging your writing capacity and paragraphing techniques with our online writing system. You will learn to assess questions quickly and engage in critical thinking while under exam conditions.

Essay Writing Practices

Through our online system, familiarise yourself with different ways of question interpretation and train your writing fundamentals, ideation process, and the synthesising of counter arguments and rebuttals. Every piece of essay is carefully reviewed by our GP tutors to ensure competency among our students.

Comprehension Practices

Be enthralled in our extensive archives of comprehension passages and questions and improve yourself by focusing on specific comprehension components that you are weak in. Our online review system will ensure that your answers will be thoroughly analysed by our GP tutors.

Reap Productivity In Your Studies

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