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JC History Tuition

Cultivating critical thinkers and writers.

Break down the multi-faceted topics in History as we review broad-ranging perspectives to help students derive an essential understanding of the past and present. Our tuition programmes also focus on issue discussion, and question dissection and interpretation which are common problems in facing many history students. To support students’ understanding, our website also features a dedicated section for each topic, also known as Study Boards, that encourages students to read up and learn in a more meaningful way.

Why Choose Us?

Benefits of the Online Learning programme.

Our JC History Tuition programme nurtures students to reflect critically and express their arguments persuasively over the course of their studies as they prepare for the two highly complex papers in A Level History — Shaping the International Order (Paper 1) and Making of Independent Southeast Asia (Paper 2 – For H2 students only). Each of these papers requires students to examine major historical issues from multiple viewpoints and historical analysis, which are rigorously covered in our specialised curriculum.

Thematic Content Revision

The regular classes at our programme concentrate on thematic content revision to ensure that all our students are fundamentally sound in their historical knowledge and contextual linkages. Our unique approach of active class discussions has enabled our students to flourish as a result.

Exam-driven Class Practices

Underpinning the demands of a high-stakes exam, our class practices are specially crafted to be exam-driven and regularly conducted under time constraints. This allows our students to grow accustomed to exam pressure as they prepare for the A grade.

Condensed Learning Resources

Recognising the problem of overelaborate school notes overwhelming history students, our tutors have carefully condensed the learning resources to digestible chunks so that students can learn more effectively and save time when they begin their revisions.

What Do You Get?

Take charge of your learning.

Enrolled students will receive comprehensive support in terms of content enrichment, essay exposure and practice, source-based case studies and more. Our entire programme is structured to engage students with content depth and skill development breadth so that they attain the competitive edge over their peers, especially in a high-stake exam scenario.

Insightful Blog Articles

As part of our weekly content enrichment, both the public and students have access to our blog articles that feature case study analysis, essay dissection, issue discussion. These opinion pieces are written by our principal tutor to encourage everyone to appreciate history more.

Reviewed Essay Practices

Students enrolled in our JC History Tuition programme can expect regular reviews from the principal tutor and even seek one-to-one consultations to clear their conceptual doubts and common essay errors. We believe that every student has a chance to succeed when close guidance is given.

Sourced Based Case Study Skills Development

Gain access to our vast archives of sourced-based case studies and expand your exposure to complex question types. Our principal tutor will teach you how to develop factor identification skills, dissect sources and master policy evaluations, which are paramount to the A grade.