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Sign up for the JC1 and JC2 TERM 3 REVISION 2020 JC Tuition programmes. We have four main programmes to prepare JC students for the upcoming Common Tests, namely Economics, GP, JC Math and JC History Tuition. Learn how to answer a wide range of questions via real-time video discussions. Learn from the JC tutors and improve your answering techniques via class practices.

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What are the JC Tuition classes offered here?

In this section, you can find out more about our varied JC tuition classes offered at our tuition centres for students residing in areas like Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon, Sengkang, Punggol and Bukit Timah. Our engaging and experienced JC tutors will guide students towards the goal of attaining grade A for the A Level examinations through interactive and enriching ways. For example, students who join the Economics and GP Tuition will use eLearning mobile applications to study essential issues. By doing so, students will be inspired to study and put their knowledge into practice effectively.

GP Tuition

Sign up for our GP Tuition classes conducted by JC GP Tutor Simon Ng. Download the GP Study and GP Frontier magazine apps to get a head-start in your preparation for the GCE A Level General Paper examinations. Students will explore these issues in different ways, such as online videos and class discussions.

Economics Tuition

Join the Economics Tuition programme by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng to be ready for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. These classes are available for JC 1 and JC 2 students who are taking either H1 or H2 Economics. Download the JC Economics Study and EconomicsFocus Magazine apps to learn effectively today.

JC Math Tuition

Sign up for the JC Math Tuition classes, which are covered by our JC Math Tutor. Under his close guidance, learn to identify and answer different topical and integrated questions. Attend the intensive revision lessons to extend your mileage in preparation for the GCE A Level Mathematics examinations for H2 or H1 Math students.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Sign up for the JC Chemistry Tuition held at JC Tuition Singapore to be ready for the challenges of the GCE A Level Chemistry examinations. The JC Chemistry Tutor provides concise study materials and engages students to think analytically in answering basic and complex multiple choice and structured questions.

JC History Tuition

Join the JC History Tuition to develop your critical thinking skills. JC History Tutor Justin Ng will prepare students for the demands of the GCE A Level History examinations through thematic discussions and skills development workshops. Learn to analyze different questions to be familiar with the variations for H1 and H2 History essay and source based case study questions.

China Studies in English Tuition

Sign up for the China Studies in English Tuition and learn to analyze different perspectives in the post-1978 China. As a student of JC Tuition Singapore, gain access to our concise study notes and attempt class practices to be ready for the challenges of the GCE A Level China Studies in English examinations for H1 and H2 students.

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Features of our JC Tuition Programmes

Why students should sign up with our featured JC tuition centres?

The featured JC tuition centres in this portal have one point in common: the pursuit of excellence. The tutors believe that all students, regardless of their current proficiency level, have the potential to excel. As such, the tuition programmes offered by these centres are exam-oriented. Furthermore, the tutors will conduct intensive revision to raise the quality of answers that improve the grades for the A Level examination.

Educating students with purpose and meaning

We are focused on preparing students for the future by showing them how their newfound knowledge can be used effectively in real world scenarios. Such an approach remains highly applicable and relevant, given that the focus of examination questions has shifted towards application-based and evaluative types.

Promoting active classroom engagement

Students are given opportunities to attempt questions as the tutors explore the various concepts taught in the A Level subjects, like General Paper, JC Physics and Economics. The main objective is to nurture students to become self-reliant learners that can find essential information without seeking external assistance to solve real world problems in the future.

Progressive Teaching Curriculum

Students will undergo consistent revision through the regular JC tuition conducted on a weekly basis. Then, the pre-examination phase will involve intensive revision that integrate topics and pose questions that examinations are likely to test. As such, students will have a strong grasp of essential concepts, thus acing the school and national assessments.

Featured JC Tuition Centres in Singapore

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JC Tuition Singapore features a list of JC tuition centres that can address the academic concerns of students for specific subjects. The tuition centres are situated in places accessible to students in Singapore, such that they can maximise their time spent to study everyday.

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