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JC Tuition Online

Develop critical thinking skills for A Level preparation.

Develop a firm foundation in the study of A Level subjects to be ready for the challenges of the examinations. Our classes include online learning features to diversify and enhance the learning experience. Students will be equipped with the vital knowledge and answering skills to answer both basic and complex questions effectively.

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Online Learning for JC Tuition

Realising your study aims.

Find out more about the JC Tuition Online classes to understand what our featured tuition centres offer. Each programme is conducted by JC Tutors who specialise in their respective fields to nurture students to be inquisitive and adaptive. Through real-time video discussions, we engage students to think and derive answers quickly.

GP Tuition

Develop a firm foundation in the English Language by studying Grammar and Vocabulary via online learning platforms. There are bite-sized learning videos to educate students on different topics like Nouns and Verbs. Then, practices are included in these exercises such as Grammar MCQ and Comprehension Open for language assessment.

Economics Tuition

Develop the analytical skills of answering A Level Economics case study and essay questions. Through our online learning platforms, JC students learn how to do trend analysis, outline and perspective setting as well as diagram illustrations.

JC Math Tuition

Our online learning classes feature the review of chapters found in Pure Mathematics and Probability and Statistics. Our JC Tuition classes will incorporate the use of online learning materials to consolidate the concepts taught in class for post-review.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Be familiar with the Core Ideas like Atomic Structure to be competent in answering A Level Chemistry questions. These eLearning programmes are essential in streamlining the areas of discussion so that students can grasp the concepts well.

JC Physics Tuition

Examine the key areas of study for A Level Physics like Newtonian Mechanics and Thermal Physics via real-time video discussions. Our JC Physics Tutors will base their class practices on past year examination questions for skills application.

JC Biology Tuition

Learn how to answer GCE A Level Biology questions by reviewing your conceptual understanding for different topics such as Energy and Equilibrium. Our JC Biology Tutors ensure that students are organised in their thinking and answering approaches.

JC History Tuition

Find out how to answer GCE A Level History essay and source based case study questions effectively. We also introduce content re-teaching online lessons for topics like The Cold War, Global Economy and Superpower Relations with China.

JC Geography Tuition

Adopt an effective study approach by using our eLearning system to revise the four major themes of A Level Geography, such as Tropical Environments and Sustainable Development. Learn how to answer data response and structured essay questions.

China Studies in English Tuition

Review the key issues for China Studies in English in a productive way. These online lessons cover topics like China’s Development and Its Impact and Rise of China and Its Implications. Learn how to answer case study and essay questions well.

Educating the next generation of learners.

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