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Join our JC1 and JC2 JC Tuition classes for Term 1 2020 at JC Tuition Singapore. We offer classes, like GP, Economics, JC Math, Chemistry, History and China Studies in English Tuition. These programmes feature thematic content re-teaching and class practices to refine your answering skills.

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Be inspired to learn and ace the A Level examinations with our productive and thought-provoking JC Tuition classes. In the following section, we will provide a brief summary of the JC tuition classes that you can join.

GP Tuition

Join our General Paper tuition classes, which are conducted by JC GP Tutor Simon Ng, who utilises an apps-based learning approach to enhance your revision efforts. Learn how to approach diverse GP topics, like the significance of fake news, environmental sustainability and globalisation. Participate in class discussions to promote active thinking and learn to form arguments well.

Economics Tuition

Develop Rational Thinking with our Economics Tuition classes conducted by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng. These lessons are open for H1 and H2 Economics students that are preparing for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. Download the JC Economics Study and EconomicsFocus apps and harness the strengths of technology to tackle case study and essay questions effectively.

JC Math Tuition

Sign up for the JC Math Tuition, which is taught by proficient tutor, Mr. Rafiq Tan. Explore myriad aspects of A Level Mathematics through class discussions that are based on modified past examination questions. We impart students with the skills to adapt and consider possible answering methods, such that they become resilient problem-solvers.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Join the JC Chemistry Tuition and be intrigued by the fascinating topics that you will learn. Under the guidance of our experienced JC Chemistry Tutor, you will learn to identify the key terms and other question requirements quickly, while analyzing the critical aspects to answer questions effectively. Summary notes and practice questions will be given to you during the lessons.

JC History Tuition

Register for our JC History Tuition, which is conducted by JC History Tutor Justin Ng. We conduct thematic content revision, which are accompanied by concise study materials, to establish a firm foundation in different topics, like the Cold War and the United Nations. Furthermore, we equip you with the answering skills to handle essay and source-based case study questions.

China Studies in English Tuition

Join the China Studies in English Tuition, which will be instrumental in developing your critical thinking skills through the assessment of the political, economic and social-cultural aspects of modern China. Lessons involve content discussion and class practices that are reviewed by the tutor.

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