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Level Portals

Your trusted portal for Primary, Secondary and JC students.

JC Tuition Singapore is part of the online education network that forms the level-based tuition portals. JC Tuition Singapore specialises in JC tuition programmes for students to be ready for the GCE A Level examinations.

Primary Tuition Singapore

Building a firm foundation in this educational journey.

Primary Tuition Singapore provides a multitude of educational materials ranging from concise notes, to interactive educational videos, and even articles and blogs written by experts on the Primary education scene in Singapore. Moreover, the portal allows you to browse tuition centres that specialise in the teaching of Primary school students.

Our featured tuition centres and their tutors will lay the foundational knowledge for students and plant the seed of curiosity in them to help them excel in the PSLE and their educational journey in the later years. Primary Tuition Singapore lists centres that provide primary English, Math and Science Tuition as well as enrichment classes. These programmes will be instrumental in gearing up students for the PSLE.

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Secondary Tuition Singapore

Streamlining knowledge accumulation for specialisations.

Secondary Tuition Singapore is the all-encompassing portal that equips you with the necessary skill set and materials for you to excel at the O level examinations. The multitude and rigour of subjects tested means that scoring well for the O level examinations is no mean feat.

As such, Secondary Tuition Singapore was set up to provide study materials such as notes, study and examination tips. Moreover, students may browse and enroll at the various featured tuition centres on our portal. These tuition centres have dedicated tutors that will ensure a smooth journey towards doing well at the O Level examinations.

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Be organised and clear in your study focus.

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