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Primary Tuition Online

A fascinating way to study for PSLE.

Our featured tuition centres in this regional portal conducts primary tuition programmes that nurtures students to think inquisitively and write confidently. In addition, these centres incorporated online learning features to enhance the learning experience.

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Online Learning for Primary Tuition

Available programmes offered by the primary tuition centres

There are four major programmes that students at the primary level can enroll in to be proficient in their respective subjects. Besides, our featured centres ensure that learning is enjoyable for all so that students will be inspired to learn.

Primary English Tuition

Develop a firm foundation in the English Language by studying Grammar and Vocabulary via online learning platforms. There are bite-sized learning videos to educate students on different topics like Nouns and Verbs. Then, practices are included in these exercises such as Grammar MCQ and Comprehension Open for language assessment.

Primary Math Tuition

Our eLearning programme includes the development of basic problem-solving skills in a step-by-step process. These classes include topical revision for chapters such as Whole Numbers, Fractions and Ratio. Under the guidance of Math Tutors, students learn how to answer multiple choice, short and long answer questions effectively. We use visually illustrative tools for model drawing to improve the answer explanation.

Primary Science Tuition

We educate students to be curious and determined so that they are motivated to study Science. Online learning features such as thematic videos are included to introduce the ‘fun’ element into the process. These programmes will cover the study of various themes such as Diversity, Interactions, Energy and Cycles. More importantly, students attempt practice questions to review their level of knowledge proficiency.

Enrichment Workshops

In addition to the three main examinable subjects, our featured primary tuition centres conduct enrichment workshops during the school holidays to enrich the learning experience of students. These lessons cover diverse areas like learning how to write a letter, being familiar with different sources of information like newspapers, websites and magazines. Check with the centres to find out what are the upcoming workshops.

Learning is fun and meaningful.

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