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About SGEducators

The trusted education centre for A students.

SGEducators is an education centre providing primary and secondary tuition programmes for students preparing for the PSLE and GCE O Level examinations. Led by principal tutor Mr Jonathan Ng, the centre has empowered students to develop their personal thinking skills and writing capacities, in order to ace school assessments.

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Features of our Tuition Programmes

How are our students prepared for tests and exams?

Our tuition programmes comprise two effective teaching methodologies that equip students with strong fundamentals and topical exposure - topical re-teaching and class practices. These classes are carefully structured by our board of educators who ensure that students receive comprehensive study materials and practice questions to reinforce their learning effectively.

Topical Re-teaching via Class Discussion

The interactive learning environment supported by our active class discussions help to shape student-tutor engagement which strengthens the learning process in students. Students are also pushed beyond their comfort zone as they take initiative in their studies.

Conceptual Revision through Reviewed Practices

Revisions classes are constantly reviewed by our educators on a regular basis to ensure that our students are following the curriculum accordingly. This is aided by our vast range of questions that account for every possible variation of questions during examinations.

Available Tuition Programmes

What we teach

SGEducators provide primary and secondary tuition classes to prepare students for the PSLE or GCE O Level examinations. Browse the following subjects to find out which is your desired tuition programme to enroll in. With a myriad of primary and secondary tuition programmes, SGEducators ensures that the student’s entire education is well taken care of. Browse the following subjects to find out what your child is missing!

Primary 3-6 Tuition

Learn in a conducive and interactive environment, where real-time discussions take place. Both tutors and students can pose questions to one another and engage their critical thinking skills when they explore different perspectives to a single issue.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Chinese

Lower Secondary 1-2 Tuition (Express & NA)

At the initial stages of secondary education, SGEducators offer Lower Secondary Tuition classes to build up a strong foundation for students to advance and grow.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Chinese

Upper Secondary 3-5 Tuition (Express & NA)

SGEducators has diverse Upper Secondary Tuition programmes to address different learning concerns that students have and prepare for the O Level examinations.

  • English
  • A Mathematics
  • E Mathematics
  • Pure Physics
  • Pure chemistry
  • Combined Science (Chemistry/Physics)
  • Combined Science (Chemistry/Biology)
  • Chinese
  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Economics

JC 1 & JC 2 Tuition

Be thoroughly prepared for the GCE A Level examinations by joining the JC tuition classes offered by SGEducators. Receive study notes and attempt many practices.

  • General Paper
  • Mathematics (H1/H2)
  • Economics (H1/H2)
  • Chemistry (H1/H2)
  • Physics (H1/H2)
  • History (H1/H2)

Our Tutors

Receive guidance from experienced tutors.

SGEducators is backed by our educators’ wealth of teaching experience in the primary and secondary programmes. Through the years, these educators have developed a set of impressive learning materials and honed effective teaching methods to bring out the best in every student of SGEducators.

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Mr Jonathan Ng

Mr Jonathan Ng is the principal tutor of SGEducators who specialises in the teaching of primary and secondary Mathematics. Under the tutelage of Mr Ng, many students have achieved mastery of the subjects. Mr Ng also teaches other subjects such as Lower Secondary Science Chemistry and Biology.

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