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Subject Portals

A subject-focused education network.

We have subject-oriented learning portals that provide primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes to match the learning preferences of students. Within these portals, students and parents can find out more about the requirements of the subjects and enroll in the online learning programmes.

English Tuition Singapore

Grasp the English Language effectively.

Explore various programmes, such as Primary English, Secondary English and JC General Paper Tuition to grasp the essentials of the language. In this portal, you can get additional learning support in the form of study guides, notes and informative articles.

Math Tuition Singapore

Nurturing resilient problem-solvers.

Learn more about the Primary, Secondary and JC Math Tuition programmes to accelerate your revision and become adaptive learners. This is important as Mathematics requires students to think logically and systematically. Therefore, the featured programmes introduce real-world problems to promote active thinking.

Science Tuition Singapore

Cultivating inquisitive and young scientists.

Be amazed by the fascinating field of Science by exploring this learning portal. There are many learning resources, such as visually-attractive videos, informative articles and study guides. By showcasing various experimental setups and real world scenarios, students will better appreciate the application of scientific inquiry as they examine these concepts in the Virtual Classroom.

Discover the secrets of studying smartly.

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